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Recources and information related to vehicle registration, motor vehicle licensing, vehicle sales and general motoring in South Africa

Selling my non running car

I have a ford focus and is has a gearbox problem but it can start the only problem is the gearbox…

New Owner Never Registered Vehicle

Hi there,I purchased a vehicle for my ex, who took the vehicle with her when we separated.…

New Owner Never Registered Vehicle
Where to find Year Model on Registration Certificate in South Africa

Thanks very informative. However, where do I see (on the Certificate of Registration) what the…

Estate / inherited vehicle

I inherited a vehicle which is fully paid off now. I must now transfer this vehicle to my name.…

EstateInheritedYellow FormNATIS
Need a copy of my Logbook

How can I get a copy of my log book without going to the traffic department Can I get…

Change of ownership

Good day. Who submits the change of ownership documents (yellow form) ? The buyer or…

Change of ownership

How can I transfer the ownership of the vehicle to my name if I don't have a copy of the previous…

Vehicle Registration form (RC1)

Hello, I would like to know what is needed to apply for Vehicle Registration form (RC1)kindest…

Sale of my damaged Ford focus vehichle

Left Rear smash

Urgent Sale
transfer of ownership

If the vehicle has been financed by the bank and settled by a third party (not the person in whose…

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