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» Ownership versus Title Holder

Ownership versus Title Holder

Can a Title Holder be different to the Owner, for example if a person is buying a car on terms.  The title holder holds title to the vehicle while the "Owner" has the right and responsibility to license and maintain the vehicle in road worthy condition. In this case the title holder is a different entity to the Owner.  If these can be two different entities, then is the Blue form completed by both parties?
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Yes, this is possible. It is the same method used to register a financed vehicle. The bank will remain the title holder and the buyer is registered as the owner.

This way, all fines and liabilities become the responsibility of the "owner" but the vehicle remains the property of the title holder.

To register a vehicle as above, both parties must complete the blue form, the title holder's information in section A and the owners information in section B.

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